Thursday, August 3, 2017


It's so easy to look at pictures and captions and then [compare] tell yourself stories about what something else looks like. You don't even realize that you do it. Yet, it changes your mood, how you feel, your response, everything!

This picture behind me is my living room. Most of what you see on EVERY surface is what we unloaded from vacation over the weekend. We haven't managed to get it all put away yet. 🤷‍♀️(But it looks like we got back from vacation a lot- with dust- so, tell yourself that if you ever come over. Haha).🤦‍♀️😂

And trust that this is not the only place that needs some tidying.

NONE of us have it all together. And sometimes learning something new, practicing a new habit, or even life, brings changes that come at the expense of something that you used to do and know well. 

It's ALL only for a season. (Ecclesiastes 3) and most of what we worry about doesn't even matter (Ecclesiastes 1).

CELEBRATE even your tiniest accomplishments, especially in the chaos. Try to enjoy the things you don't like because there are many other scenarios that are much worse. Prayerfully, prioritize your messes and choose one or two that you're willing to live with. If you want perfection, seek Jesus. He's the only thing that is! Heck seek him anyway, because he changes you, and can even change your circumstance or carry you through it. Now be BOLD AND COURAGEOUS and post a picture of your 'mess' in my comments. Tell me about it if you don't have a picture! #BandTogether #RealitySocialMedia#PerfectionismAnotherSilentKiller #ComparisonIsAThief #EndTheSilence 🙌👍

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